Playford Local Weather   plus Wind, Rain, Sun and UV Readings
Weather Warnings, Weather Radar, Satellite Weather Display, Synoptic Weather Chart

Weather for Angle Vale, Blakeview, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Vale, Smithfield, Virginia and Waterloo Corner!

Playford Weather, Wind, Rain, Sun and UV Readings

How to view the Weather:

  1. You can select Elizabeth or Angle Vale, Blakeview, Elizabeth Vale, Smithfield, Virginia or Waterloo Corner
    from the Drop-down at the top of the Weather Widget.
  2. You can view:
    • Local Weather Information and Forecast
    • Wind Speed and Direction
    • Daily Rainfall and Predictions
    • Sunrise, Sunset and Position
    • Current and forecast UV Readings
      By clicking Buttons near the top of the Weather Widget.
  3. You can view
    • Weather Warnings
    • Weather Radar
    • Satellite Weather Display
    • Synoptic Weather Chart
      By clicking the buttons near the bottom of the Weather Widget.
      These take you directly to the WillyWeather Website.